Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Working with lights

I want to make the text on my pieces stand out more, so I have started experimenting with putting light behind the text. Below are my first attempts at incorporating light. For a first run, I was somewhat happy with how it turned out. I like how the text is highlighted both by the light and by being outlined by the cutout of the hands instead of being in shadow like my previous models. 

Some things I didn't like so much about this model was how far it needed to stand away from the wall to diffuse the light enough that it wasn't one bright point in the center. I also think that the hand silhouettes could stand out even more if I used black paper for the front instead of white. Also maybe a thicker paper instead of the translucent Japanese paper used for this one.

I am going to continue to try different lighting techniques, possibly lighting from the top instead of the back.

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