Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I finally figured out how to hang my layered translucent pieces (using good old fashion nails and nylon washers)! So that is a big relief. I have also decided to somehow put my original black and gray hand/text graphics onto one of the moveable walls in the gallery either using paint, vinyl, screen, or a combination of methods. 

Here are 2-D images of five of the seven layered pieces I will be hanging:

To Bind:


Have No Fear:



Animation Update 03/28/12

New additions since last update:
       -New animation of the dog's delayed reaction at the starting line.
       -Little tweaks to things like the background crowds, rejected notice.
       -Completed animation of the tortoise falling into the pond.
       -The footage of the hare climbing up after the bridge has been extended.

I have a lot on my mind and a lot less time to work on this project therefore, changes are going to be made that were not in my original plan.
I sought critique from someone outside of class that has not seen my progress on this animation in a long time. My goal was the get the opinion of someone who has not seen the work in progress over and over again. Much to my delight, they said that most of the story reads cohesively as it is now, meaning I only need to add a few more things. Most of the scenes that do not appear in this current edit are going to remain left out of the final piece.
With that said, here is a list of scenes that will be cut or altered:

Scenes altered:
       -The scene with the sheep setting the pitfall trap will be cut, and replaced with a scene after the hare falls in the hole showing that the sheep was watching the hare fall in.
       - The explosion on the bridge has been what I've wanted to animate the least since this project started, so we will instead see the hare running on the bridge and get a view under the bridge of explosives attached to the bridge before seeing the sheep push the trigger. The explosion will be left out and will go right to the scene where the hare falls down the gap, perhaps with some wooden debris sprinkled in. Since the explosion is different this means the gag with the chunk of land being sent in the air is now cut.

Scenes cut entirely:

       -The dog stopping at the fire hydrant.
       -The ending with the sheep being squished by the chunk of land, due to the explosion now being off-screen. There will be some sort of gag at the end however, most likely the sheep getting squished by another boulder pushed by one of the other characters.

Things I'm still unsure of:
       -I'm not sure what to do about the scene with the mirror. I will likely take it out, but then I also need another excuse for the dog to stop so the tortoise can collide with him later on.
       -Sound...I'm looking to see if I can get someone else to make sound for me. However, sound is not near the top of my priorities.

So, it's been a while since I've posted. Now you know what I've been working on and thinking about. So my project may not be done in time for the show, but it should be done shortly after.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Glass and Plexi

I called Beverly Glass and is it okay to use glass instead of plexi? The cost difference is 150$ I also printed my entire book. Still not sure how I will bind it. PVA is too scary to work with. It makes the pages bunch very easily. I did order some fancy double sided adhesive tape. Maybe that might work better. If not, I will be even more careful assembling my book.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


The letterforms are all spray painted. Just need to sand the faces down so that I can mount the fractal drawings to the surfaces.

Also, I think I am going to make sticker take-aways. I'm going to print the fractal designs on sticker paper, and see how it looks.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

lettering / poster edits

I changed the header / title to make it smaller, I centered and tightened up the numbering system with the words. I also edited the text with several people and made it less text and larger.
I tried the diagonals, but nothing worked as well. I would really like to print my conversation map and the photo collages before this weekend.

These are the labels that I'm asking Andy Bablo to make for my 3D projections chart. I'm not sure if he can cut vinyl this thin / small. I made two sets of the same words because I've never worked with vinyl before and I'd like a backup copy.

Take-Away Poscard Idea

Two ideas for Postcard front w/back. It's 2.75x8.5" (
For the personal take-away, not sure how many I should order, would 100 be enough?
I'm thinking about making stickers as well.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Backgrounds, Text, and Navigation

This is the first spread i have completely typed up. The others are on their way to completion as soon as i finish writing and typing them in. The small open area next to image is where the game specifications will go, such as: year published, game name, what team created it, others in the series, etc.. Im trying o find a way to break up the information a little more to avoid those long columns of text. I wanted to focus on one because after i have my layout complete ill be able to input the information where it is needed to finish the others. I have included the background spreads that i plan to use for the other spreads, they are listed below.

I have also worked out an easier way to navigate the sight. instead of having the full header in motion, i decided to make it sturdier but the new navigation, which allows you to go into 3 different level of pages. Every page will be reachable from any other page. The only issue is that when i was coding the nav bar, i lost all images in my site including the images for the nav bar. So currently it is there are working, its just a bit unreadable because the backgrounds are gone, forcing the navigation to open over another set of text.

I want to find a way to break up the information so i can avoid having these long running columns.

Character page layout. the only thing missing is their names. I was thinking of running a line attached to a name from 1 and 3s feet and 2 and 4s heads.

The next few images are just the backgrounds id like to us for the magazine. This city is for Resident Evil. That game being based in Raccoon City, i felt the image of my town was most appropriate.

This spread is for Dead Rising, Dead Rising takes place inside a mall. I didnt have photos of any malls, so instead i used a photo of the mall directory. It is brighter that most of the other spreads and is the only spread without a realistic or photographic background. If it takes away from the design, i am open to change it.

The last game spread is based on Left 4 Dead. This game takes place in many locations, my favorite of which being a carnival so i chose to go with the ferris wheel.
Below is a screen shot of the new navigation. I must meet with Justin in order to figure what i need to fix. So far ive just been getting things typed in and laid out so in the future I can easily switch out or maintain things. The only issue ive had with this is when i coded in the new navigation, i lost access to all my images. The code still considers them there, they are just not visible. In addition to the nav, i also upgraded the header. Now it is set on a select box and image, so if the user changes the header image, he may also change the color of some of the page layouts.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Edited intro

In the warm, early fall of 2011 I set out to walk around the shoreline of  Prudence Island, Rhode Island. During these walks I had the opportunity to discover new territory in a familiar place. As I walked around the island I gathered mostly trash and abandoned objects. I photographed the objects and then paired them in digital collages. This process brought a series of questions to mind. What is a thing? Can I see things as more than mere objects? Can a thing be an island? Is an island ever truly isolated?
     Once I considered the things I collected as more then just trash I started to think of the former history of each artifact, how they may have been used. Studying the unique physical properties of each piece I could recognize if it was a fragment of something, or imagine what pieces make it up.
     On further examination I made the distinction that an object is only part of what a thing is. A thing is not only an object but an idea or concept. And what gives a thing its significance is our ability to acknowledge and consider its existence. 
    Each object in this book has a corresponding number as well as a description that hints to its’ prior life. These things give clues to what life is like on and around the island, as well as a sense of intrinsic beauty and poetry that is found in unexpected places. 

Post-Break Update

Over break I finished reading the dictionary and am moving on to testing display techniques, I acquired a stack of hardcover books of a similar size to try these with.

I considered the stickers I wanted to do for the show, and came up with some drafts. Brought the company re-branding back into play.

I also wanted to find a way to tie the words and skin together, as well as pull in the thesaurus word loops that I worked on last semester. This was one I found particularly interesting, and set up as a wall piece.

So I made a small mock up with french smart white paper. The mock up is only about a third of the the length of the final. I just didn't wan to print out on all of my nice paper, because I didn't have very much left. But I just got my shipment of more paper! That's exciting. Also, the printer was doing awful streaky things to the paper. I'm excited about the accordion codex combination. 

editing, compiling

I worked on organizing all of the information into a tight grid and changing some of the color meaning issues. I also fixed a lot of type related things.

These two photo collages are from the original photos I took to make the final conversation graph.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Second Step of Map Translations

I have been working on building the cubes (with the help of my talented father) for the second step of the map translations. I have them almost finished, just have to sand and then figure out the threading and hanging. They are about 5.5 x 5.5 inches. I think I'll either use a black, tan, or white thread - leaning towards the white to have a relationship with the first maps.

I began by making a mock-up with some scrap wood to get the dimensions right and to make sure everything would go smoothly the way I pictured it in my head.

Here's some photographs of my process: