Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rough layout

I have made a rough layout of the book. I like the idea of the book being an accordion fold, I don't think I want the map in the book because it looks too disjointed. I'm not sure how I feel about the yellow lines pointing to the objects. I think the lines take away from the collages. I also bought a vitrine off of craigslist, and put all of my white things in it, just to see how I like it as a display. I need a much bigger vitrine if I want one for my show, and a more plain and contemporary looking one; a gallery presentable vitrine. I also began to write a little explanation about my project that would go in the book. I want to flesh it out more and then bring it to Colleen in the writing center. 

I am fascinated by the idea of islands. The contents of this book is the result of two walks around Prudence Island I made in the early fall of 2011. As I walked around the island I gathered things that stood out along the shore line. I photographed the things and then began to pair them in digital collages. I began to wonder what a thing is. What makes something a thing? Is an island a thing? Can I begin to see things as more than mere objects? Can things be islands? The walk forced me to discover new territory in a place I was familiar in. 
     Above is a map of my walk around the perimeter of Prudence. Each point represents where I picked up an object, and each number corresponds to the order I collected them. Then based on the collaged pairings of the images, I connected the two (or more) points with a line collapsing the physical space that was once between them and bringing them together. To begin to think of the things I collected as more then just trash I started to think of it’s former history, what it may have been used for or what it may represent. Each object in this book has a corresponding number as well as a corresponding description that hints at it’s prior life. The things found also give clues what life is like on and around the island. This book catalogs the beauty and poetry we find in unexpected places. 

vitrine with white things
accordion layout

two spreads of color layout

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