Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Beginning of flow chart/ ideas

This is an idea i had for the mast head. I was thinking of video games and comic books, and had this vision for the text.

This is a rough layout of the pages I would like to include into my website. Some of them such as Pax East will be "Coming Soon" as the events required for the page have not taken place yet.

I have also been thinking of some ideas for a header. I want to incorporate my mast head but im not sure if i want it set into a shape like below. They are more or less rough drafts that im trying to plan out. Im stuck on this yellow and green idea. The red seems too generic. It would be a great choice if this were solely a zombie game site, but in the future I plan to add other games to it as well. Also the text in these samples is not the actual type i want to use.

I have also been working on writing the reviews themselves which i hope to have posted soon enough for all to read.

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