Thursday, February 23, 2012

progress: conversations, postcards, words

This image is the conversation map that I've been working on, edited with the words and phrases in small type along the bottom strip. Other methods of incorporating text did not work out as planned. I'd like to print this out this week, since I will have a chance to drymount this weekend.

I have started mailing out my postcards along with instructions / a thank you note.
I'm looking for 6 more people from around the country to participate.

I started looking back at how I researched my facebook words project. Since my last project's research looked at the 3rd week of January, I decided to pull and catalog and count all of the words from the 3rd week of February from the same people. I'm about halfway through doing this. I'd like to get a set of magnetic strips and a sheet of metal this weekend to place the forms more easily to the wall.

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