Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dictionaries, identities, cigarettes

I found a two volume set of dictionaries this weekend from 1936 with gorgeous leather covers and linotype body copy. At first I was ready to sit right down and cut them up immediately but as the weekend went on I couldn't bring myself to actually start. So I went back to my searches online, and found dictionaries that are 50 years apart (1958, 2008) and placed an order for them.

I was thinking about a discussion I've had with John multiple times regarding advertising and how lifestyles become "normalized" once they are readily depicted through media and advertising. That brought me around to making some alternate corporate logo's. I am considering using these in mock marketing photographs.

 I've been working on a project as a retort to derogatory language. I've been experimenting with how to create these thus far. I'm letterpress printing on cigarettes in the place of their brand name "this is a fag." I've also been collecting content to go on the case for the pack.
This photo isn't very good quality, but I have some of my trials with me.

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