Monday, February 6, 2012

slow communication postcards // forms for 3D graph

I still have some work to do on my postcards, but I am very pleased with the way that they are turning out so far. I screenprinted one side and finished letterpressing the other side today.
I like that it still looks like an email, but I changed my color palette to create a much more "handmade" feeling and let the woodgrain show through.

The following photos show my progress on the words infographic -

I will continue to create these forms. I have about 20 more to make for the data I have collected, but almost all of them are the smallest of the pyramids.
I am thinking that I will attach them to chipboard at the bases so that they will mount on the wall more easily. I'm also still thinking about colors, but I sort of like the contrast between the subject matter (digital communication) and the natural grain of the physical paper fibers.

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