Thursday, February 16, 2012


These are sentences that I had found in books that I thought went well with these drawings. The first, "Two is the beginning of the end" is talking about how growing up is kind of inevitable and can be something that people struggle with or are afraid of. The second, "Trapped in a small space with a big weight holding you down for all eternity" is talking about what death might be like and how it is a bit of a mystery which gives it a fearful quality. And the last, "Point me to the door" is talking about the difficulties in making decisions and having the feeling of being lost when you're searching for direction.

In each case, I put the words that are feared inside of the containing space of each drawing. "Growing up" is inside the box, "death" is inside the piano bench and "I'm lost" is inside the door. This goes along with my idea to replace the physical belongings that you would find in these containing spaces, with words based on thoughts, fears or worries.

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