Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Animation Update 2/08/11

I try to put in 5 hours a day on this. Usually during weekdays, it ends up being 4, and on weekends it ends up being 6 or 7, so it evens out.

New additions since last time include:
       - Finished backgrounds added to scenes that previously had blank backgrounds
       - The characters now move when you see them at the starting line for the first time
       - New animations of characters stretching
       - Slight tweaks to things, a lot of them involving the sheep
       - A bird's eye view of the characters approaching the lake, which was not in the storyboard or animatic. It replaces a different shot of the characters running towards the camera, which would have been much more difficult to animate.
       - Getting closer to the last scene; the rocket breaking down.

1 comment:

  1. I see your changes. You're self-assessment on youtube is not accurate. Improvements and additions are incremental - your non-linear approach keeps each section in flux. That's okay.