Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I have made some tweaks to my catalog, I'm not sure if I want to put text where there are full bleed landscape images, I like the idea but I'm not sure what to write. I also took my rough introduction and artist statement to Colleen. I made a practice wall map in the seminar room with thin hemp rope and thumb tacks.

I have also made a post card for everyone. We don't have to use it but it's just an idea.


 8 x 10 inch collages using the same set of shapes and photos I took of different spaces that contain my things.

First Map Step of Map Translations (update 3)

I have been working on perfecting my first maps. The first thing I did on my new maps, was change the size. I put it into a square so it can relate better to the following translations since all of those are squares. Then, thinking about the typography, I decided I liked it hand-written better than printed out. The only problem that came with this is how to write on black paper. I searched for pens with white ink and found a few - luckily one worked well. I think have a reached a point were I feel happy with the results. I moved on and created one of my walking maps to see how it worked in comparison to the driving map I started with. I think that they have a nice range of similarities and differences. My next step will be to create a map of a flight.

Animation Update 2/29/12

Even though a lot of time has passed since I last checked in, I couldn't accomplish a lot while I was sick, unfortunately.

New additions to this update:
          -New scenes involving the hare
          -New backgrounds
          -New walk cycles are featured at the end of this
                 (they will be moved to their appropriate scenes later)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Beginning of flow chart/ ideas

This is an idea i had for the mast head. I was thinking of video games and comic books, and had this vision for the text.

This is a rough layout of the pages I would like to include into my website. Some of them such as Pax East will be "Coming Soon" as the events required for the page have not taken place yet.

I have also been thinking of some ideas for a header. I want to incorporate my mast head but im not sure if i want it set into a shape like below. They are more or less rough drafts that im trying to plan out. Im stuck on this yellow and green idea. The red seems too generic. It would be a great choice if this were solely a zombie game site, but in the future I plan to add other games to it as well. Also the text in these samples is not the actual type i want to use.

I have also been working on writing the reviews themselves which i hope to have posted soon enough for all to read.

Friday, February 24, 2012

"Fail Better"

Regular & Inverted "Fail better."
Printing them on the enlarged scanner at staples and cutting them out this weekend.


The Drawing

24 February 2012
Friday 12:25 p.m. 

I am switching up the mediums of the storyboards to see if I can go faster.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I had the thought of making a mini-catalogue of all the reference photos that I have been/will be using. This is the first draft. Each row is 5 pages. Each page is 2.5 inches wide, and 3.2 inches tall. I just have them set up this way for a jpg to put on the blog. I'm going to mock it up this weekend.

progress: conversations, postcards, words

This image is the conversation map that I've been working on, edited with the words and phrases in small type along the bottom strip. Other methods of incorporating text did not work out as planned. I'd like to print this out this week, since I will have a chance to drymount this weekend.

I have started mailing out my postcards along with instructions / a thank you note.
I'm looking for 6 more people from around the country to participate.

I started looking back at how I researched my facebook words project. Since my last project's research looked at the 3rd week of January, I decided to pull and catalog and count all of the words from the 3rd week of February from the same people. I'm about halfway through doing this. I'd like to get a set of magnetic strips and a sheet of metal this weekend to place the forms more easily to the wall.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More Mudras

I have finally made it through the entire book of mudras I have been referencing.

Here are the mudras I have made so far and their meanings:

strength and anger:

theological dispute:

denote inferior status:


First Step of Map Translations (Update 2)

Here is another possible version for my first map.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First Step of Map Translations (update)

I started to feel unsure about the transparent sheet on top and started to really enjoy the sewing part of the previous map I had made. I changed the colors up as well. The old ones felt too much like a children's map. Not sure how I feel about the type yet - still looking for a better solution.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

In Preparation

16 February 2012
Thursday 5:17 p.m. 

I have spoken with my advisor about the presentation of the storyboards. So she directed me to Lucas which gave me the idea of using magnets. So this weekend I am going to buy some magnets from amazon. The paper needs to be cut in a very precise fashion, I am not that precise so I my adviser assisted me by asking one of the professors from the print department for recommendation who can do it for me. I am waiting for a reply back from. In the meantime I am inking the storyboards and writing notes on what may appear in the pamphlet.  

stacked shapes

This is a small 8.5x11 piece I created after rearranging the shapes, from the representation of my closet, by stacking them on top of each other. I was thinking about the words balance and pressure when deciding to stack them like this. I then drew on top of the stacked shapes and created a made-up living space that includes items and textures from my actual clothes closet, like the zipper and wood grain.

The colors of the shapes still need to be looked at. I have been printing them out, but I might look into painting or finding paper to cut out of so that I can have more control over the color consistency.


This is a representation of my closet with a more final set of shapes that I will use. I have started cutting them out of different materials, first in shrinkable plastic sheets, which were too small and unpredictable in results. Now I am cutting them out of poster board, foam board and cardboard. (material still to be decided) The red shape is about 21 inches in length and the others vary in size but are still proportionate to each other based on the image above.


These are sentences that I had found in books that I thought went well with these drawings. The first, "Two is the beginning of the end" is talking about how growing up is kind of inevitable and can be something that people struggle with or are afraid of. The second, "Trapped in a small space with a big weight holding you down for all eternity" is talking about what death might be like and how it is a bit of a mystery which gives it a fearful quality. And the last, "Point me to the door" is talking about the difficulties in making decisions and having the feeling of being lost when you're searching for direction.

In each case, I put the words that are feared inside of the containing space of each drawing. "Growing up" is inside the box, "death" is inside the piano bench and "I'm lost" is inside the door. This goes along with my idea to replace the physical belongings that you would find in these containing spaces, with words based on thoughts, fears or worries.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Working with lights

I want to make the text on my pieces stand out more, so I have started experimenting with putting light behind the text. Below are my first attempts at incorporating light. For a first run, I was somewhat happy with how it turned out. I like how the text is highlighted both by the light and by being outlined by the cutout of the hands instead of being in shadow like my previous models. 

Some things I didn't like so much about this model was how far it needed to stand away from the wall to diffuse the light enough that it wasn't one bright point in the center. I also think that the hand silhouettes could stand out even more if I used black paper for the front instead of white. Also maybe a thicker paper instead of the translucent Japanese paper used for this one.

I am going to continue to try different lighting techniques, possibly lighting from the top instead of the back.

paper, hands, and shadows

Here are the drafts/models I have made so far.

This is my first basic model; the text in the back is Article 36 of the Chinese constitution stating freedom of speech, press, assemble, etc. The mudra formed by the hand in the forefront represents a threat or warning. This pairing is an example of how I intend to use the mudra to comment or extract alternative meaning from the text I am using to comment on human/civil rights issues in China.

For the next two models, I played with the text a little more by making it bigger and emphasizing important phrases according to what I want to put across.

The text in the pairing is an excerpt from The Analects by Confucius stating "A scholar must be strong and resolute, for his burden is heavy, his journey is long. His burden is humanity: is this not heavy? His journey ends only with death: is this not long?" The mudra represents death.

For this model, the text also comes from the Analects and states, "To store up knowledge in silence, to remain forever hungry for learning, to teach others without tiring--all this comes to me naturally." The mudra means "to bind." I did not play around with the text as much int this model and instead tried to keep it simple and readable.


These are the templates that I am going to cut out of wood. I'm still in the process of making more. My father is going to use my templates to cut the forms out of 3/4 inch wood, that I will be painting white. I will then be covering the face of the form with fractal illustrations on illustration board.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I created a gridded chart system on vellum that will allow me to easily transfer my graph forms to any wall without losing their positions. I mounted every piece to the wall and now I am thinking about possible ways to do the lettering, title, and description - string, cut-out letters, vinyl?

Separate Sentences

All of old. 

 Nothing else ever.

 Ever tried.

 Ever failed.

But never so failed.

Here are all the sentences separate. They are all supposed to be 5.5" tall with varying lengths according to letter amount.


Posters, new ventures

Here are the posters I brought in last week, I was experimenting with tag lines. I'm now considering other ways to work the logo in without the pieces looking so much like advertisements.

My first dictionary arrived and I began the cutting process. Its going to be a long process but I've been doing some every day to break it up.

I've been working on t-shirt designs and coordinating lessons/assistance with screen printing for production of them, I will post those designs later this week.