Monday, February 13, 2012

First Step of Map Translations

I have gone back to the first step of my process of translations to how I would like to original maps to look. Instead of using an already made map to show the original paths, I am using some hand drawn illustrations I have from mapping out my trips. Below are some variations I created from the driving map from Beverly, MA to Gorham, ME to Freeport, ME. The first photograph is where I started and after input there were a few things to think about. There was the idea of different colored states, sewing the line of the states to divide them, and then making the path pop out more. I took all into consideration and came up with the second variation shown. I chose not to change the path because this is supposed to be a two-dimensional map and I didn't want to create too many layers. It should be kept on the flatter side. After creating this one, I am not sure how I feel about the different colored states. I think that they come off as cliche - this could be because of my color choices and sticking to typical map colors though. Maybe that is something I can play with further if I chose to do different colors. Right now, I enjoy the one color better but I did enjoy how the sewing turned out for the state lines.

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