Friday, March 9, 2012

catalogue printing

So Blurb makes beautiful books. I think I want to get my catalogue book catalog what ever printed through Blurb. And I will make a handmade book also. Everything is coming up so close! I made a mock up color book (on regular text paper) I am going to add one more bleed photo in the beginning before the book gets into the collages. And I am just worried about the intro text. I feel like I shouldn't go too in depth with the explanation of the book. I think it should be basic and straight forward, so that the reader can maybe make some of their own connections.

Since my book is a strange size I will have to make another indesign file that fits the specifications that blurb has for sizes. The blurb book will be around 8x9 inches. But that means a lot of redesigning. :( Not impossible.


  1. It looks so nice in color. Good luck with the redesigning. It'll be worth it in the end!