Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Animation Update 03/28/12

New additions since last update:
       -New animation of the dog's delayed reaction at the starting line.
       -Little tweaks to things like the background crowds, rejected notice.
       -Completed animation of the tortoise falling into the pond.
       -The footage of the hare climbing up after the bridge has been extended.

I have a lot on my mind and a lot less time to work on this project therefore, changes are going to be made that were not in my original plan.
I sought critique from someone outside of class that has not seen my progress on this animation in a long time. My goal was the get the opinion of someone who has not seen the work in progress over and over again. Much to my delight, they said that most of the story reads cohesively as it is now, meaning I only need to add a few more things. Most of the scenes that do not appear in this current edit are going to remain left out of the final piece.
With that said, here is a list of scenes that will be cut or altered:

Scenes altered:
       -The scene with the sheep setting the pitfall trap will be cut, and replaced with a scene after the hare falls in the hole showing that the sheep was watching the hare fall in.
       - The explosion on the bridge has been what I've wanted to animate the least since this project started, so we will instead see the hare running on the bridge and get a view under the bridge of explosives attached to the bridge before seeing the sheep push the trigger. The explosion will be left out and will go right to the scene where the hare falls down the gap, perhaps with some wooden debris sprinkled in. Since the explosion is different this means the gag with the chunk of land being sent in the air is now cut.

Scenes cut entirely:

       -The dog stopping at the fire hydrant.
       -The ending with the sheep being squished by the chunk of land, due to the explosion now being off-screen. There will be some sort of gag at the end however, most likely the sheep getting squished by another boulder pushed by one of the other characters.

Things I'm still unsure of:
       -I'm not sure what to do about the scene with the mirror. I will likely take it out, but then I also need another excuse for the dog to stop so the tortoise can collide with him later on.
       -Sound...I'm looking to see if I can get someone else to make sound for me. However, sound is not near the top of my priorities.

So, it's been a while since I've posted. Now you know what I've been working on and thinking about. So my project may not be done in time for the show, but it should be done shortly after.

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