Monday, January 30, 2012

This Semester

This semester I am continuing with my project. 

I have went back in the project ‘The Moon’ full force at the beginning of classes again. I went back  into the storyboards from the previous semester and begin to make a few changes. Firstly, I decided to inflated the number of storyboards that will be produced back to a conservative number of 100 to 120 storyboards, (I stress this is a conservative guess, mostly likely I will exceed that number by mid March.) Secondly, I made the decision to keep the storyboards in black and white; not only for economic reasons but to push the idea of the dichotomy of light vs darkness, the known vs. the unknown,  fear vs curiosity. What better way to speak about these ideas than through the use of black and white, they are extremes yet strangely they are union that are never separated. They may shift and change in power yet they never mix. The shades of ‘gray’ are created by the actions of the people interacting with their environment producing feelings of ambivalence rather than apathy to the viewers. I want the piece to enter the foggy space between the worlds of love and hate.
Thirdly, after much debate with myself on the visuals of the ‘Hell Scene’ I went with creating hell not a place of fire and brimstone but a place of darkness and isolation. It is a depressing place that is devoid of life except for the lost souls wandering the underworld. It resembles the abyssal plains within earth oceans. The reason for a ‘watery hell’ opposed to the traditional one with fire and sulphur and Satan poking the damned with a pitchfork is that in the beginning of the piece, someone makes an offering of 3 silver coins and the moon is born from water and thus water it shall return, and to be reborn again. 

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