Sunday, January 29, 2012

public words / facebook infographic progress

How we project our identity in social media through our choice of words: A study of the language and messages on our minds and in the public eye.
I compiled a list of the most commonly used words from the Montserrat newsfeed on Facebook, from the week of January 16th to 23rd, noon to noon.
The bottom piece is the designed chart, which might be cut into strips somehow to be placed on the wall.
I'm also thinking about doing a sister piece that explores our internalized (non-public) words and maybe having the pyramid shapes recessed into the paper. Both could be placed back to back in some sort of a box or light-box structure.
I also added a comments box to bring the users written words directly into the piece.
For the 3-D structures, I might buy red cardstock to fold so that I do not have to print on each individual sheet.

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