Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Reflection / End of Semester Plans

The opening for Proximity was about what I expected. I don’t think there was too much trouble. Installing the work was confusing at first, and I did have some trouble formatting DVDs for the screens I was given, but I was happy with the result. If I could change something about it I would’ve put the demo reel I just made into the show. I also wish I had some good quality concept sketches to put in the show, but that would pushing the boundaries of how much space I was given, which I was already doing. I would feel a lot more comfortable about installing another show in the future.
            My senior thesis project is technically completed, but in my eyes it’s the bare minimum of completion. A lot was cut out of my project to make sure that it was ready to be on display at my senior show. Right now, it’s satisfactory to me, but I will come to be more proud of it once it goes through a lot more tweaking. It’s very unpolished compared to the work I usually produce; it doesn’t even have sound yet. I will resume this project, but I do think I pushed myself past my limits while working on it and I need to take some time away from it so I can be more enthusiastic about coming back to working on it later. There are other things I have to work on in the meantime. I do promote myself already by posting my videos on websites YouTube and Vimeo, but I need to go even further and find even more video sites to post my work on. I have already made a demo reel, as suggested during my review before the show, and I am currently working on making a business card for myself, although I won’t have it printed until I can find myself a permanent address. I also need to make a website for myself, which I’m looking forward to doing. I also have been brainstorming ideas for animations I can make after graduation, so I keep myself busy. I don’t really have a deadline for any of these tasks, but I work fast and it’s safe to say most of it can be accomplished in the remaining month before graduation.

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